CasaClima Gold Certification


CasaClima is an international building quality brand which is a guarantee of energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

The degree of efficiency is expressed in an overall assessment of the design and construction, verified with on-site inspections and instrumental tests on the passing of which the issue of the energy certificate depends.

CasaClima Gold Certification
CasaClima Gold Certification CasaClima Gold Certification

Certifying a building with the CasaClima mark requires great care in all phases of construction: from design to construction. The controls include design analysis, checks during construction and final instrumental tests to verify the building's airtightness. Only the passing of all the tests by a third party, and compliance with the CasaClima standard, allows the issuing of the label and therefore the certification.

CasaClima ensures competence, independence and transparency.

Why CasaClima:

To consume less

An energy efficient home is characterised by low energy requirements and low running costs. Its main features are effective insulation of the external envelope, excellent air tightness, absence of thermal bridges and a plant system calibrated to the real needs of the house.

To live comfortably

A CasaClima house is able to best satisfy the main comfort parameters: the right temperature in the rooms, good air quality, correct lighting and protection against noise pollution. These aspects, if kept within optimal parameters, allow you to live in a climate of well-being.

To live in a healthy environment

In a house built with attention to the materials used and with an adequate air exchange system, the rooms are healthier.

To have a lower impact on the environment

Consumption related to heating and air conditioning systems is one of the major sources of air pollution. A well-built house that uses renewable energy sources saves energy and drastically reduces the emission of pollutants and climate-altering substances.